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Dr Martens 1460 Review

As you guys know, I bought the Dr Martens 1460 in black a little while ago, and I promised you guys a review on those bad boys, so here we go:

The very first time I wore my pair out was my first day of school, and that was the first awful decision I made this school year. It’s not that my outfit was ruined by their addition, so much as they ruined the back of my Achilles’ tendons. When I left my house, I had my straight legged jeans folded and tucked into my knobbly-ankles socks; I thought it would be fine for the two hours I’d be away from home. Unfortunately, my hardly-protected feet started to hurt from my boots in less than an hour. By the time I started walking back home I was practically limping. I was so glad when I didn’t make a crosswalk light because it gave me time to fix my socks, which were so loose that they had fallen off, even for just the few minutes I had until my return home.

When my difficult trek home finally ended, I immediately took my boots off. The vision that beset me was awful. On the back of one of my feet I had this popped blister, and on the other an unpopped one. Granted the unpopped one was kind of fun to poke, but I still did not like them.

So I decided that, while breaking them in, I would wear band aids and only my thick Adidas socks. With that, my Docs became a whole lot more bearable. The first week was still pretty uncomfortable, as most Dr Martens owners would probably tell you, but once you finally break them in I guarantee you will love them forever. They are as comfortable as everybody raves about!

Dr Martens are quite versatile. In fact I’ve worn them almost everyday that I’ve had them because they just go with everything! From a funkier approach to a more preppy look, I swear, these babies just work some sort of magic.

With that I conclude my Dr Martens 1460 review. Renowned for their superior Air Wair comfort, more consumers ought to know about how uncomfortable they are to break in. If you own a brand new pair I suggest the use of band aids, thick socks, or I hear even Vaseline, to protect your feet from painful blisters. One should also never fear experimenting with the boots. You should also always try on outfits you may or may not think would work with these boots, lest you come up with a genius and absolutely fashionable look. So now I ask you: Do you own Docs? Do you want some? Tell me your experiences with them, and leave some pictures of your favourite looks down below.


Stay Warm With These Hot Trends

I know in some wonderful, beachy area in the world people are sipping on iced tea wearing bikinis by the pool, but for me it feels like I’m drowning. Yes I know that sounds kind of melodramatic, but it is pouring outside and I feel very melancholy, like my mind has just subconsciously kicked into autumn mode.

And of course what does a whole change of perspective, weather and seasons trigger? A whole plethora of trends to get excited about! Usually I don’t give much thought as to what is considered “fashionable” at the moment, I usually just go to a store and pick out what I think is cool, but this time around I did it kind of differently. I actually did my research on what is in style. Checking out all the new trends these are my favourites:

•Capes — Okay so do you remember when Gwyneth Paltrow showed up at the Oscars in that exquisite white Tom Ford with the cape? Well I certainly do because it was gorgeous. And now capes just keep popping up. From the collections of high-end designers like Armani and Ralph Lauren; to the racks of modern and inspiring shops like H&M and Zara, capes are confidently making their statement.

•Leather– No not just the classic leather jackets from Mackage you always stare at but never buy; I’m talking leather skirts, leather shirts, leather anything. Or pleather if you’re not into the whole real leather thing.

•Hats — Hats have become a very popular trend the last few years; I’ve seen many a beanie, toque, fedora, and other types of hats. Particularly toques and beanies have been very popular among bloggers, gurus, and designers (shoutout to or The Girl in the Little Black Dress who actually did a post on beanies a little while back), often worn in a slouchy manner. I recently bought a cloche hat from Joe Fresh, and I think it is fabulous.

•Oversized Coats — Everybody loves coats, and what’s better than a regular coat? An oversized coat. After all, the bigger the better, right? At least with these chic staples.

•Classic Patterns — Classics, like houndstooth, never go out of style. And plaid? Never goes out of style. Timeless patterns like these will definitely captivate those around you.

•Academically Inspired Clothing — This has to be one of the greatest trends ever. For me at least, just because, you know…I love preppy clothes, and all. This wonderful trend will most definitely have me shelling out my money at Tommy Hilfiger.

Those lovely trends are my definite fall musts this year. I’m sure to see them everywhere in the next few months, and feel free to comment on any great trends I forgot to mention.

Stay Gritty

Recently I joined the school’s volleyball team. Recently…I quit. Why, you might ask? Because I wasn’t as good as the other members of the team (about half of them played club volleyball at a very high level). And in that brief stint, I felt humiliated to be playing amongst such talented players while I was just starting. After one single practice, I quit because I didn’t want the other members to hate me.

It wasn’t until some girls on the team went up to me and told me that the only way to get better is if I stick with the team. After mulling it over in my head, I figured “What the heck? If I ever want to get better, I have to start at one point or another.” And thank goodness for those girls who put me in that mindset. No, I’m not yet playing as well as the other members, but I’m learning.

And that’s what I want to discuss with you guys. If ever you want to do something, don’t give up just because its difficult. It is really easy to have more cynical thoughts when you’re learning something new than to have positive ones. Especially if there’s no one to encourage you to keep trying. And for students, remember: It is the beginning of the school year! You have a whole ten months until the end of the year, plus you’ve also got years and years in life to keep practicing and celebrating what you love. In the mean time don’t be discouraged. Sometimes I feel like I don’t hear that often enough, so I want to tell you to keep at it. No matter how difficult it is at first, if you really enjoy it and you want to keep doing whatever it is, don’t give up.

So tell me what you guys are planning on doing in the future. Let me know down below.

What Exactly is Writing?

During my very first Creative Writing class my teacher read us “What Writing Is” by Stephen King. In his essay, Stephen King compared writing to telepathy (if you’re unfamiliar with the idea, it’s basically wordless communication through the mind). He painted a picture with words, and brought to our attention how we all saw the same image, maybe with some superficial differences, but in essence, the same image.
Of course he doesn’t mean it literally; it is only a metaphor, but I do agree that there is some kind of connection made whenever someone is reading another’s written word. Then, my teacher asked us to write a metaphor on what writing is to us. Obviously I immediately blanked out because my imagination automatically runs out once a teacher asks anything of me. But I calmed down and asked myself, “What object or experience is the equivalent to words and writing?” The things I initially came up with were awful. Maybe I’m just beating myself up, but I think I’m correct in saying they were not good. In the end here is what I had on the page:

What Writing Is
Writing is magic. It teleports you to a world you would never know as quickly as if someone were to point a wand at you and scream “Abracadabra!” With wonderous words we become surrounded by ideas as lifelike as if it were a solid that we could touch, taste, feel, see, and hear.

I feel as though it is unfinished; I have this feeling within me that there’s more to write about this. If ever I do find the right words for my composition, I will probably publish it here.
I hope I won’t have to cite myself, though. I wouldn’t have to, would I? My English teacher pounded it into my head that using your own already submitted work is considered plagiarism. Hopefully I won’t submit it, though. It sounds weird but I don’t want someone who grades papers for a living judging this particular piece. Keep a lookout for an updated version, and tell me what writing is to you.

Back to School Fashion Haul

Like most people I know I only buy a few new items for the new school year. We can’t all be so lucky as fashion and beauty gurus. Throughout a couple of weeks, I have created a small collection for going back to school. Even though I have only a few items, I think I’ve gotten some really amazing finds.

First of all, I found this cowl-neck, nautical cardigan from Tommy Hilfiger. It’s nice and warm and a good transition piece.

Then I got this Herschel Heritage backpack in black/tan. It looks like a really nice backpack, but I’m probably not the best judge for that, as I haven’t used this style of backpack for about 4 or 5 years.


Now Aritzia is where I hit the jackpot. Oh my goodness, I have been searching for Dr. Martens boots for years, and recently Aritzia has started carrying them. Thank you Mr. Brian Hill or whoever got Dr. Martens into Aritzia! When I tried them on in the store the fit was fairly good. I will without a doubt write a review on these suckers.

So that is pretty much all I got for the new school year. I did also get socks, but I didn’t really feel like writing about socks. Hope you have a great school year and you’ll hear from me later. Au revoir!

What Rhymes With Purple?!

Whilst on Wikipedia, I decided to search up and look through the history of the colour purple. Subsequently I learned there are very few words that rhyme with purple, which should have been obvious. After all how many words do you use on a day-to-day basis that sound remotely like purple? (Mika tried to rhyme purple with hurtful, but I don’t think it counts). Others before him have used curple, meaning the waist, or bum; and surple, a variation of the word syrup. I know that poets have often changed the pronunciation of certain words to fit the rhyming scheme in their works, but don’t you think “surple” is a bit of a reach? Oh well. If any of you have any real words that rhyme with purple let me know. Ciao, bella.