Back to School Fashion Haul

Like most people I know I only buy a few new items for the new school year. We can’t all be so lucky as fashion and beauty gurus. Throughout a couple of weeks, I have created a small collection for going back to school. Even though I have only a few items, I think I’ve gotten some really amazing finds.

First of all, I found this cowl-neck, nautical cardigan from Tommy Hilfiger. It’s nice and warm and a good transition piece.

Then I got this Herschel Heritage backpack in black/tan. It looks like a really nice backpack, but I’m probably not the best judge for that, as I haven’t used this style of backpack for about 4 or 5 years.


Now Aritzia is where I hit the jackpot. Oh my goodness, I have been searching for Dr. Martens boots for years, and recently Aritzia has started carrying them. Thank you Mr. Brian Hill or whoever got Dr. Martens into Aritzia! When I tried them on in the store the fit was fairly good. I will without a doubt write a review on these suckers.

So that is pretty much all I got for the new school year. I did also get socks, but I didn’t really feel like writing about socks. Hope you have a great school year and you’ll hear from me later. Au revoir!


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