What Exactly is Writing?

During my very first Creative Writing class my teacher read us “What Writing Is” by Stephen King. In his essay, Stephen King compared writing to telepathy (if you’re unfamiliar with the idea, it’s basically wordless communication through the mind). He painted a picture with words, and brought to our attention how we all saw the same image, maybe with some superficial differences, but in essence, the same image.
Of course he doesn’t mean it literally; it is only a metaphor, but I do agree that there is some kind of connection made whenever someone is reading another’s written word. Then, my teacher asked us to write a metaphor on what writing is to us. Obviously I immediately blanked out because my imagination automatically runs out once a teacher asks anything of me. But I calmed down and asked myself, “What object or experience is the equivalent to words and writing?” The things I initially came up with were awful. Maybe I’m just beating myself up, but I think I’m correct in saying they were not good. In the end here is what I had on the page:

What Writing Is
Writing is magic. It teleports you to a world you would never know as quickly as if someone were to point a wand at you and scream “Abracadabra!” With wonderous words we become surrounded by ideas as lifelike as if it were a solid that we could touch, taste, feel, see, and hear.

I feel as though it is unfinished; I have this feeling within me that there’s more to write about this. If ever I do find the right words for my composition, I will probably publish it here.
I hope I won’t have to cite myself, though. I wouldn’t have to, would I? My English teacher pounded it into my head that using your own already submitted work is considered plagiarism. Hopefully I won’t submit it, though. It sounds weird but I don’t want someone who grades papers for a living judging this particular piece. Keep a lookout for an updated version, and tell me what writing is to you.


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