Stay Gritty

Recently I joined the school’s volleyball team. Recently…I quit. Why, you might ask? Because I wasn’t as good as the other members of the team (about half of them played club volleyball at a very high level). And in that brief stint, I felt humiliated to be playing amongst such talented players while I was just starting. After one single practice, I quit because I didn’t want the other members to hate me.

It wasn’t until some girls on the team went up to me and told me that the only way to get better is if I stick with the team. After mulling it over in my head, I figured “What the heck? If I ever want to get better, I have to start at one point or another.” And thank goodness for those girls who put me in that mindset. No, I’m not yet playing as well as the other members, but I’m learning.

And that’s what I want to discuss with you guys. If ever you want to do something, don’t give up just because its difficult. It is really easy to have more cynical thoughts when you’re learning something new than to have positive ones. Especially if there’s no one to encourage you to keep trying. And for students, remember: It is the beginning of the school year! You have a whole ten months until the end of the year, plus you’ve also got years and years in life to keep practicing and celebrating what you love. In the mean time don’t be discouraged. Sometimes I feel like I don’t hear that often enough, so I want to tell you to keep at it. No matter how difficult it is at first, if you really enjoy it and you want to keep doing whatever it is, don’t give up.

So tell me what you guys are planning on doing in the future. Let me know down below.


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