Stay Warm With These Hot Trends

I know in some wonderful, beachy area in the world people are sipping on iced tea wearing bikinis by the pool, but for me it feels like I’m drowning. Yes I know that sounds kind of melodramatic, but it is pouring outside and I feel very melancholy, like my mind has just subconsciously kicked into autumn mode.

And of course what does a whole change of perspective, weather and seasons trigger? A whole plethora of trends to get excited about! Usually I don’t give much thought as to what is considered “fashionable” at the moment, I usually just go to a store and pick out what I think is cool, but this time around I did it kind of differently. I actually did my research on what is in style. Checking out all the new trends these are my favourites:

•Capes — Okay so do you remember when Gwyneth Paltrow showed up at the Oscars in that exquisite white Tom Ford with the cape? Well I certainly do because it was gorgeous. And now capes just keep popping up. From the collections of high-end designers like Armani and Ralph Lauren; to the racks of modern and inspiring shops like H&M and Zara, capes are confidently making their statement.

•Leather– No not just the classic leather jackets from Mackage you always stare at but never buy; I’m talking leather skirts, leather shirts, leather anything. Or pleather if you’re not into the whole real leather thing.

•Hats — Hats have become a very popular trend the last few years; I’ve seen many a beanie, toque, fedora, and other types of hats. Particularly toques and beanies have been very popular among bloggers, gurus, and designers (shoutout to or The Girl in the Little Black Dress who actually did a post on beanies a little while back), often worn in a slouchy manner. I recently bought a cloche hat from Joe Fresh, and I think it is fabulous.

•Oversized Coats — Everybody loves coats, and what’s better than a regular coat? An oversized coat. After all, the bigger the better, right? At least with these chic staples.

•Classic Patterns — Classics, like houndstooth, never go out of style. And plaid? Never goes out of style. Timeless patterns like these will definitely captivate those around you.

•Academically Inspired Clothing — This has to be one of the greatest trends ever. For me at least, just because, you know…I love preppy clothes, and all. This wonderful trend will most definitely have me shelling out my money at Tommy Hilfiger.

Those lovely trends are my definite fall musts this year. I’m sure to see them everywhere in the next few months, and feel free to comment on any great trends I forgot to mention.


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