Dr Martens 1460 Review

As you guys know, I bought the Dr Martens 1460 in black a little while ago, and I promised you guys a review on those bad boys, so here we go:

The very first time I wore my pair out was my first day of school, and that was the first awful decision I made this school year. It’s not that my outfit was ruined by their addition, so much as they ruined the back of my Achilles’ tendons. When I left my house, I had my straight legged jeans folded and tucked into my knobbly-ankles socks; I thought it would be fine for the two hours I’d be away from home. Unfortunately, my hardly-protected feet started to hurt from my boots in less than an hour. By the time I started walking back home I was practically limping. I was so glad when I didn’t make a crosswalk light because it gave me time to fix my socks, which were so loose that they had fallen off, even for just the few minutes I had until my return home.

When my difficult trek home finally ended, I immediately took my boots off. The vision that beset me was awful. On the back of one of my feet I had this popped blister, and on the other an unpopped one. Granted the unpopped one was kind of fun to poke, but I still did not like them.

So I decided that, while breaking them in, I would wear band aids and only my thick Adidas socks. With that, my Docs became a whole lot more bearable. The first week was still pretty uncomfortable, as most Dr Martens owners would probably tell you, but once you finally break them in I guarantee you will love them forever. They are as comfortable as everybody raves about!

Dr Martens are quite versatile. In fact I’ve worn them almost everyday that I’ve had them because they just go with everything! From a funkier approach to a more preppy look, I swear, these babies just work some sort of magic.

With that I conclude my Dr Martens 1460 review. Renowned for their superior Air Wair comfort, more consumers ought to know about how uncomfortable they are to break in. If you own a brand new pair I suggest the use of band aids, thick socks, or I hear even Vaseline, to protect your feet from painful blisters. One should also never fear experimenting with the boots. You should also always try on outfits you may or may not think would work with these boots, lest you come up with a genius and absolutely fashionable look. So now I ask you: Do you own Docs? Do you want some? Tell me your experiences with them, and leave some pictures of your favourite looks down below.


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