The Dangers of Emotional Shopping

I know, I know. This topic is nothing knew, and a whole lot of people suffer from it, but I’m still going to talk about emotional shopping. By emotional shopping, I mean retail therapy, where people shop because they are not in a good mood. As good as the initial feeling is when you first buy something, it is not healthy for you or your wallet to drown your sorrows with some shiny new item.

I personally feel the need to spend money whenever I am mad, or sad, or annoyed. Considering how often I have those feelings, emotional shopping is a habit I really ought to check at the door. Recently, I bought a wrap bracelet because I couldn’t find a working printer, and I bought a leather phone case from Michael Kors because I couldn’t find the right Coach wristlet. Yes, retrospectively, I can see just how dumb those reasons sound, but at the time it felt perfectly reasonable! I guess that’s one of the main problems; you feel it’s perfectly alright until you look back and have buyer’s remorse.

Buyer’s remorse, as the name suggests, is remorse felt after buying something. Often if that something is an expensive piece it just adds to the gift felt after impulse buying. I personally have quite a history with buyer’s remorse, and the absolute best advice is don’t buy something unless you have 100% thought it through. How many times would you be able to use it? How long do you think it would last? Do you actually like the product?! Having answers for questions like those that leave you satisfied would be a good indicator of whether you’ll suffer from buyer’s remorse or not.

Emotional shopping also leaves your wallet unhappy. It’s like this: money is like a shiny ball for your wallet. Whenever your wallet has money it’s happy, but when you take away the money, it is sad and just keeps giving you “The Look” that says, “Please give me some money.” So please don’t. Retail therapy just saddens your poor, abused wallet.

So with what I have told you, I hope those of you who have this same problem and I can find different ways to cope/entertain ourselves rather than retail therapy. I mean, regretful purchases that only give you a jolt of temporary satisfaction are not the best gifts for yourself. Remember that. Even though shopping is really fun, frugality is quite the characteristic.


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