Per Angusta Ad Augusta: My Search for a Mentor

In my very first year of high school, my English teacher told me something about life. He said that one day, whether in high school, or university, or somewhere completely different, you are going to find someone who will be a mentor to you. He doesn’t have to be a teacher, but he will be your friend.

Ever since then I have been searching for a mentor. Not one that I was assigned to pressure me to do my science fair project well, but someone more like a confidant. I have been searching for someone who can teach me all his tricks and push me to realize my potential and encourage me to still go above and beyond. In my young age I have tried to match teachers, old, new, and yet-to-be, to those specifications, but try as I might, I found no one who was right.

In only a few short days, I will be assigned a writing mentor for my Creative Writing class. I am excited; very excited, actually. I’m trying not to get my hopes of finding the perfect mentor too high up, but I can’t help it. I might find myself the person who will change how I perceive and do everything for the rest of my life.

The chances that I will find that one person are slim. After all, I am only in high school. Most people do not find a mentor while in high school. But I really do long for the days when I have someone who can answer my questions (both the dumb ones and the real questions), or assist me while solving something I can’t quite figure out on my own. Or to talk to. Having someone to just talk with when I don’t feel comfortable addressing my friends on random reflections of mine is a welcoming thought.

A mentor/student relationship is something I yearn for. As impatient as I am to finally have this sort of relationship, I will wait. The right one will come.

I now leave you with some questions. Are you lucky enough to have a mentor? Or are you the mentor? How great do you think this experience is treating you? If you have never had this relationship, is there anything specific you are looking for in a mentor? All these questions that I ask, and my curiousity still is not satisfied. So I say unto you, comment as you wish.


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