UPDATE: An Insight Into My Life

These past few weeks I have not really had anything to write about, so I thought maybe I could try telling you guys what I’ve been doing. Truth be told, I haven’t actually done much except for these last two days.

I watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire yesterday, on the 30th. I don’t think I’ll review it, though, because it came out over a week ago and I bet everyone has gotten around to writing one already. Unless of course you guys want me to write a review, so let me know if you do. I will tell you that Finnick Odair was breathtakingly gorgeous! All the girls I talked to after the movie were practically drooling over his hotness. Well it was the day after Black Friday, so after the movie my friends and I decided to go shopping. I live in Canada, as you have probably already inferred after reading some posts, so the deals weren’t exactly spectacular. Our little group decided to venture into Forever 21, though, and a friend of mine and I bought matching jeans for $7.80!! Can you believe how great a deal that is?! And they’re jeggings, which I am really excited about because I haven’t worn any sort of skinny pant since the seventh grade.

Today my family went out and watched my town’s Christmas parade. We were an hour late, though, so we didn’t really see much because everybody was crowding at the front to get all the freebies sponsors were giving away. The parade was alright; I saw some really adorable dancers for different dance companies, and I actually saw a Mountie. In the area where I live, we have separate city police departments, so I don’t see Mounties often.

So Black Sunday, right? Still some deals going on; my family went shopping. Dear Lord, we went shopping! You want to know the highlight of this shopping experience? You do, I know it. I went to Holts and bought a new wallet! It’s a beautiful rusty-brown colour by Marc by Marc Jacobs that actually folds. And it was on sale, so I saved $50 on the sucker. I was going to buy the black zip-around with the tarnished gold plaque that is like a wallet version of the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag everyone has, but that wouldn’t have been as practical. Plus mine comes in a beautiful colour. The black one was gorgeous, too, but I don’t know. This one spoke to me.

So that is the basic rundown of the happenings in my life. Yup, I don’t really go out much, and when I do, I shop. So tell me what you guys have been doing with your time. Any of you go Black Friday shopping? Are your lives more exciting than mine? Tell me in the comments down below.


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