Explanations: What Happened All That Time?

Well hello again! First of all, let me just apologize for my lack of posts for all of those seven months. I didn’t mean for my break to go for that long, but I never found the time.

In January I went out of the country to the Philippines for my cousin’s wedding. I actually started a post explaining this but I didn’t manage to finish because after the wedding I spent my days enjoying the company of my wonderful family who I rarely get to visit. When I got home I was just swamped. During my last week I spent so much time having fun that I neglected all of my schoolwork. I ended up having to make up two weeks worth of work over the weekend after I got back, but even afterwards the work just kept piling on and on.

Because of the mounting guilt I was feeling for not posting, I planned on starting up again during my Spring Break. Evidently I didn’t. Instead I procrastinated with Netflix and Kurt Vonnegut until I ran out of time. When school started again, I was really thrown off because I had never been bombarded with schoolwork as I was during the last term. I will, quite proudly, add that though it was optional, I challenged myself to learn some IB mathematics early. Up until this past year I belonged to an academic program that prepares students for IB. This past year, my math teacher wanted to teach us the Math 10 curricula in half the school year in order to preview some areas in IB math for those interested. If I hadn’t worked so hard in all of my courses, including my math class, I might have been able to write, but I feel good knowing I was committed to my learning.

So now that it is summer I do have more time, which I will most definitely try to spend writing and reading. I am, however, currently involved in a sustainable gardening internship, but that won’t stop me from blogging! (Honestly it’s pretty hard; I’ve finished two weeks already and every day left me soo exhausted.) A perk of the internship is that the interns also get to write for the program’s blog!


Three of my Favourite Beauty Bloggers: Cathy Anderson, Amelia Liana, and Fleur De Force.


I haven’t been completely absent from the blogging world, though. I’ve started reading other blogs more regularly. I quite enjoy Amelia Liana’s because she is thoughtful and posts regularly (something I aspire to do), as well as Fleur De Force’s and Poor Little It Girl. I think I’ll grow up similar to Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City in that I will be fashion-obsessed because of all of the fashion blogs I’ve been reading as of late.

I have also created a tumblr (which you can find here), and it is basically just me. My tumblr has everything that I like and inspires me and makes me smile and tear up. It contains gif-sets of characters from my favourite fandoms, artsy black and white pictures, cute models and everyday people who may or may not have ever been told they’re beautiful, and hilarious text posts that keep me laughing for days at a time. And I love it. It might not make it the most popular blog out there, but it sure makes me happy.

I really hope you guys would still enjoy reading my blog even after my long absence. Again, I’m sorry it took so long to get back up on the horse. If any of you want to leave me a message you can always leave a comment. You’ll hear from me again soon. I promise.


em ro



The pictures of Amelia Liana, Cathy Anderson, and Fleur De Force were taken from the owners’ respective blogs. The gifs of Emma Roberts was taken from knowyourmeme.com


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