Go to an Anime Convention, Find Fandom Heaven

Hello again reader! I have been keeping fairly busy over my summer break, even though it has only been a few weeks (officially). Just last week my anime-obsessed sister dragged me to a local anime Summer Festival. Now, I’m not a huge anime fan; when I was younger I did watch the anime that YTV played, like Naruto, Inuyasha, and Zatch Bell!, but I pretty much stopped watching when I was…10? 11? I would sometimes watch an episode or specific scenes that my sister was eager to share, but I have not watched anime consistently in my recent years.

I have a good friend who is the President of my school’s Anime Club. However, she did not inform me that they would be celebrating the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary this year. I only found out when I was flipping through my yearbook and I saw the club had made Tardis-inspired cakes!! Ohmygoodness, why was I not informed of this?! I was so sad because, although I’m a fairly new Whovian, I’m still very passionate about Doctor Who.

So with that said, I didn’t mind going to the festival because I hoped there would be Doctor Who merchandise. When I got there, I noticed that while I was not wrong, Doctor Who merch was all but abundant.

I did, however, find that a lot of fandoms were represented here. There was stuff for Superwholock lovers, like I, but also for Fannibals, and Breaking Bad and Marvel merchandise was being sold, as well as anime merchandise. Obviously.

When I first got to the festival, I was completely intrigued by this Lolita stall. Lolita is such a beautiful fashion style which brings me so much inspiration. When I thought I was going to visit Japan, I went straight to Pinterest to check out Japanese fashion and found such beautiful Lolita outfits. If I did end up going to Japan, I probably would have bought some Lolita-inspired clothes. The felt hats that the stall sold completely sucked me in; the good/sad new is that the hats, which I could only stare at for ten minutes, were definitely worth their hefty price tags.

After I pried myself away from the lovely Lolita ladies with the felt hats, I wandered about in search of Doctor Who merch. I found a stall that sold really cool hand-painted-looking posters for different fandoms. Their Rose Tyler poster really drew me in, and I bought one as well as two Hannibal mini-posters: one of Hannibal and one of Will.

A scratched up Supernatural pin featuring the Impala.

A scratched up Supernatural pin featuring the Impala.

But my favourite thing from this stall was this Supernatural-inspired pin. Supernatural has always been special to me as it was the first fandom (besides Harry Potter) that I joined. It opened me up to different music, actually sparked an interest in me in supernatural research, and the writing and acting and just Sam and Dean!!


The only other stall I bought stuff at was one that sold only pins. The girl behind the table was super nice. She separated the hundreds of pins she had into their fandoms and sizes. She also sold really cute vintage-y black and white pins that kind of looked like they were taken from an old newspaper or magazine. There, I got these Sherlock pins and this Breaking Bad one.

Well that about wraps up my post. But I have to ask you, the reader, something: do you like anime? Or would you ever be interested in going to a convention like the one I attended? And also I want to hear some recommendations and your thoughts on fandoms. Okay I’ll leave it at that. Bye you guys.


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