A Family Vacation to Saskatchewan Featuring Stars Hollow, I mean Banff

Hello again, my readers! Let me start off by saying that I’m sorry I missed last week’s post, but I was on holiday. Why, and where? We’ll let me tell you.

I have some family over in Saskatchewan, so my family and I traveled from the Pacific North West, through Highway 1, around Calgary, all the way to Regina. It was lovely and I got to see some family from Saskatchewan as well as from America. While it was a sweet reunion, it was also extremely tiring. I was on the road for about four days but stuck around only one town and rested for three.

On our first day on the road, we had our first “Pit Stop”, as Jon Montgomery would say, in Banff, Alberta. Our hotel was marvelous. It was about a kilometer from Banff’s downtown, which we most definitely made sure to check out.

I can honestly say that the downtown in Banff is the cutest I have ever been to. It’s so kitschy and dinky and reminds me greatly of Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls! My family also decided to check out these gardens near the downtown, obviously. I mean, Banff is the epitome if a tourist attraction. In fact, we met this family who were visiting Banff, with members coming in from Manitoba, Alberta, and ever the Philippines. So because this town is one of the most adorable towns I have been to, I of course took some pictures for y’all. Take a look:

Then we traveled another day to get to Regina, getting lost along the new highways built around Calgary until we got to our destination. The next day was totally my definition of fun (absolutely no sarcasm): we went to the RCMP Heritage Centre, Depot, and the Saskatchewan Legislative Building. I’m not actually the most politically-interested person out there, but I find it fascinating nonetheless. I have to say that my diehard left-wing Social Studied teacher was ringing in my head during my tours, and I did ask questions I feel like a left-wing person would ask.

The rest of my time in Saskatchewan were both down key; mainly just hanging out with my lovely family and eating these feasts prepared by my talented uncles and aunts.

And then came the day we had to wake up at 5 am so we could make it out to head back home. My family traveled with my extended family from the States up until we separated in Swift Current. Then quietly we drove to Calgary, but unlike when we stopped at Banff, we only just sought rest. After driving so much in just that one week alone, boy we were all glad to get home the next day.

And so that is my vacation tale! Sorry I didn’t take that many pictures, but I really just wanted to thoroughly enjoy my holiday. I know it’s probably more quiet than most of you guys’ holidays, but I guess that’s why the comment section was created. Tell me down below what y’all have done over the summer and you’ll hear from me soon. Ciao, bellas!


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