Michael Kors Phone Case Review

Like most teenagers, I am absolutely always on my phone. Mine is a black iPhone 5, which happens to be very scratched with some unfortunate cracks, too. Some of the scratches and cracks that adorn my phone could have been prevented by a highly protective phone case.

In a previous post I mentioned that I splurged on a gorgeous red saffiano leather phone case from Michael Kors. I really did fall in love with it; it was beautiful and luxurious without being overtly flashy and tacky. Remember when those bunny ears phone cases were all the rage? Well, I would have been filled with rage if someone put a tacky thing like that on my phone.

My beautiful MK case was my shine new ball for a while. Unfortunately u took it to the Bon Jovi concert, and, well, it was dark, so,…yeah it dropped. It wasn’t even that high off the ground when I dropped it, but I still got a small crack on the front of my phone.

For a while my broken screen did break my heart, but I quickly got over that and tried to be more gentle with my previous phone. And it worked! For an infinitely small amount of time. Maybe a little longer.

Flash forward to June and three corners have snapped off. Two are understandable (I dropped my phone on the occasions) but the other?! I just handed it to my friend! While the corner bits that broke off were irksome, I still deemed the case usable. Until I tried to take my phone out of my back pocket, like normal, and one of the broken corners cracked and bent up the side! Now I know the plastic part that cracked was probably not of the best quality compared to the leather, but still it was a designer phone case. I expected it to be better made than this.

If this case is any indication of Michael Kors’ other cases, I am not impressed the plastic is very poorly made It stains easily from my jean pockets and cracks worse than my free one I got for buying my phone. As beautiful and luxurious it felt, I feel that I can get a much better case for the same price. Like an OtterBox.

What about you? Where do you get your phone cases? I actually haven’t been using one since this case broke, so I could really use some recommendations.


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