An Introduction to The Netflix Diaries

Hello all you people! So basically I became obsessed with Netflix during last year’s Spring Break. I had it for a few months before, but it wasn’t like I was constantly watching it and needed it. When I started watching TV shows on Netflix, I couldn’t stop. With the press of a button I can watch any episode of any show at any time, and there are so many incredible shows that I had missed while they were airing that I just have to take great advantage of Netflix.

So while I was watching Lost (I had two episodes to go until it was over), the most incredible idea popped into my head: to make a series here on my blog of reviews of TV shows I have watched on Netflix. I mean, I’ve already finished Breaking Bad, Gossip Girl, 90210, Sherlock, and Hannibal, so doesn’t it make sense to review them for you guys?

With that said I figure that the most appropriate first series to review is Lost. While it’s not the first show I watched on Netflix, I did come up with this idea while watching it and actually finished the entire series in the same day. I will post my review of Netflix tomorrow so that you can have time to read this, get a breather, and come back for a whole review. Have a great day, you guys!


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