Fabulous Fingers: Hand Looks featuring Red Nails

Now that it’s autumn, deep, dark colours like this rich red are all the rage.






But I’m still not going to stop wearing all of my dainty midi-rings which everyone was sporting this past summer (in truth I wear lots of rings all year round anyways, whether they’re in style or not). The juxtaposition of the autumnal red hue against summery jewellery contrasts nicely and is eye-catching.


The red shade is "Valentine"

The red shade is “Valentine”










For this look I am using two Revlon nail polishes: the base/top coat and a scarlet one called “Valentine”. Fun fact: when I first bought the red I thought the name was “Valentino” like the designer.

I love accessories, like Elle Woods. So I can always be seen with this new hat I got from the Aritzia Warehouse Sale (from $98 to $9.99!!!), a beanie, or even my cloche hat I got from Joe Fresh last year.

FullSizeRender (1)








Because my school is starting the year late, it’s only beginning to feel like back-to-school season for me. So I am trying to get back into reading real books again, starting with the one I left half-finished all summer: Emma by Jane Austen.

Just because I love these pins I got from a local anime convention.

And so those are some ways I like to rock my summery rings during the fall time. The lovely polishes are from Revlon, and you can probably find them at any drugstore or supermarket. As for the rings, the come from different places, like Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, Topshop, and various flea markets. I hope you enjoyed, and have a wonderful day!


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