You Never Know Until You Ask

If you follow my Twitter you would have seen some tweets already complaining about the workload of my IB classes. But when given the opportunity to take on the entire IB Diploma program, I said yes, fully aware of the intensive course load.

Last year, I had asked my school’s IB coordinator if I could join the Diploma class after the initial class was chosen. He told me that if he could see that I can succeed in it by the end of the year he would put me in. Well by the beginning of this school year I saw I had gotten into three IB classes (one HL, two SL), and I felt content with that.

When I went to the program coordinator, he became confused because he believed he had already asked me in. When he realized I wasn’t in the program, he offered me a place because school was only just starting and they had enough room for me.

Gladly I accepted. So now I’m going into my junior year as a full IB student, in English HL (the class I was talking to him about moving up in). Obviously I didn’t just get my position in the two by asking, but with the effort I put in, my wish came through. And I hope if this one post can teach you anything, it’s that if you want something and you work hard enough, take the initiative to ask for it. There will be so many opportunities coming your way in life, but if you don’t reach, no matter how embarrassed, angry, or shy, you can’t get them. After all, nobody knows what is going on in that head of yours except for you.


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