The Tank Top Necessity

Hello once again! Sorry for the long break, but not to worry, as I have new posts coming for you. I will try to continue blogging for as long as I can, but it does get difficult with my time being consumed by schoolwork and extra-curricular activities.

On the eve of Christmas Eve, I went to my local mall just because I knew there would be great deals in stores. I kind of already had the idea of buying a new white tank top at American Eagle (like I did last year, which I promptly lost after wearing it just once), but I was not 100% sure of the idea.

My first stop was Old Navy because I remembered watching a beautybaby44 haul where she raved about Old Navy’s tank tops. Plus the sign outside said the entire store was up to 75% off.

Inside I found the tank tops that Lindsey loved, but I did not but any because I prefer the ribbed look. Luckily for me, I found them, and they were 65% off! And so I bought a white and a black one. I also almost bought a black and gray striped v-neck but decided against it (black and gray is one of my favourite colour combinations, and I own a maxi-cardigan from Urban Outfitters in it).

Next I ventured into American Eagle. Their tanks are nice and soft; however, they weren’t as good a deal as the Old Navy ones. Originally I wanted to pick up an army green one because I thought it would have complimented my wardrobe. But I realized there was only one green one in a large. Then I saw some gray ones, and I remembered I had lost my gray one from Joe Fresh during a basketball practice. So I picked one out.

I am very happy with my purchases, and not just because this all cost less than $15. All of the shirts feel comfortable, but the American Eagle one is slightly more relaxed in its fit. If you are looking for a more body-hugging top, I would suggest the Old Navy ones. Tank tops are very versatile basic pieces, and I am glad I can utilize more of them now.

So now I bid you adieu. I hope you enjoyed this latest post and I wish you all a happy New Year!


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