About Me

Welcome! I’m Scarlet and I run this blog. I think of myself as a lifestyle critic, and I enjoy writing here. My hobbies include reading, writing, gardening, looking through cat pictures, and drinking coffee with no coffee in it. This blog is filled with posts that share my opinion because I can be quite opinionated.

Some Deep Coffee Shop Poetic Type Description:
I’m the girl who is the second best friend of the Princess. I’m the girl who never will be described as The One. I’m the girl who is not enough for all the other “the girls”. I’m the girl who will never be The Girl.

My social media:

Twitter: @smudgeofscarlet

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/smudgeofscarlet


Should you ever wish to contact me, my email is smudgeofscarlet@hotmail.com



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