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The Tank Top Necessity

Hello once again! Sorry for the long break, but not to worry, as I have new posts coming for you. I will try to continue blogging for as long as I can, but it does get difficult with my time being consumed by schoolwork and extra-curricular activities.

On the eve of Christmas Eve, I went to my local mall just because I knew there would be great deals in stores. I kind of already had the idea of buying a new white tank top at American Eagle (like I did last year, which I promptly lost after wearing it just once), but I was not 100% sure of the idea.

My first stop was Old Navy because I remembered watching a beautybaby44 haul where she raved about Old Navy’s tank tops. Plus the sign outside said the entire store was up to 75% off.

Inside I found the tank tops that Lindsey loved, but I did not but any because I prefer the ribbed look. Luckily for me, I found them, and they were 65% off! And so I bought a white and a black one. I also almost bought a black and gray striped v-neck but decided against it (black and gray is one of my favourite colour combinations, and I own a maxi-cardigan from Urban Outfitters in it).

Next I ventured into American Eagle. Their tanks are nice and soft; however, they weren’t as good a deal as the Old Navy ones. Originally I wanted to pick up an army green one because I thought it would have complimented my wardrobe. But I realized there was only one green one in a large. Then I saw some gray ones, and I remembered I had lost my gray one from Joe Fresh during a basketball practice. So I picked one out.

I am very happy with my purchases, and not just because this all cost less than $15. All of the shirts feel comfortable, but the American Eagle one is slightly more relaxed in its fit. If you are looking for a more body-hugging top, I would suggest the Old Navy ones. Tank tops are very versatile basic pieces, and I am glad I can utilize more of them now.

So now I bid you adieu. I hope you enjoyed this latest post and I wish you all a happy New Year!


Fabulous Fingers: Hand Looks featuring Red Nails

Now that it’s autumn, deep, dark colours like this rich red are all the rage.






But I’m still not going to stop wearing all of my dainty midi-rings which everyone was sporting this past summer (in truth I wear lots of rings all year round anyways, whether they’re in style or not). The juxtaposition of the autumnal red hue against summery jewellery contrasts nicely and is eye-catching.


The red shade is "Valentine"

The red shade is “Valentine”










For this look I am using two Revlon nail polishes: the base/top coat and a scarlet one called “Valentine”. Fun fact: when I first bought the red I thought the name was “Valentino” like the designer.

I love accessories, like Elle Woods. So I can always be seen with this new hat I got from the Aritzia Warehouse Sale (from $98 to $9.99!!!), a beanie, or even my cloche hat I got from Joe Fresh last year.

FullSizeRender (1)








Because my school is starting the year late, it’s only beginning to feel like back-to-school season for me. So I am trying to get back into reading real books again, starting with the one I left half-finished all summer: Emma by Jane Austen.

Just because I love these pins I got from a local anime convention.

And so those are some ways I like to rock my summery rings during the fall time. The lovely polishes are from Revlon, and you can probably find them at any drugstore or supermarket. As for the rings, the come from different places, like Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, Topshop, and various flea markets. I hope you enjoyed, and have a wonderful day!

Internet Icons: Claire Marshall

My first victim internet icon is Claire Marshall, aka heyclaire. Hailing from the Washington DC area, she comes across like someone from the fast-paced New York rather than from LA, where she actually lives. She is worldly, having travelled so much in her childhood with her mother. She is a beauty and fashion personality on YouTube, but her brand also includes a Twitter, Instagram, tumblr., and blog.

For me, she is a style inspiration. She has identified her style as “hobo-chic” and she utilizes basics to her advantage. Her wardrobe consists of enviable items she has curated from designer brands like All Saints and Alexander Wang, mall stores like Zara and J. Crew, vintage finds, as well as lesser-known online stores, like Runway Bandits. Her style is not typical, though it does include very classic pieces, it is completely her own.

In her videos she often speaks to her precious black cat, Bruce Lee. Claire very much has personality, which translates into her edited videos, some of which she doesn’t even talk in, as well as her vlogs. For anyone wanting to watch a video that can make you laugh, warm your heart, entertain, teach you, and/or inspire, her channel is where it’s at.

Besides beauty videos, Claire also films many vlogs, often featuring her hilarious friends, behind the scenes footage of different projects, yummy-looking food, and of course, Claire driving in her car. These vlogs are always sweet videos. My favourites usually have Claire just simply talking to is while she’s driving. It’s like a very mellow one-sided conversation!

Claire also uses very good, catchy, albeit more indie, music. I wouldn’t say she has introduced me to my new favourite bands, but I have rediscovered old favourites through her videos (Foxes and Fall Out Boy). She seems to really like pop punk, alternative and indie rock, but she has expressed appreciation for Top 40 pop, having said “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift was her most listened to song at one point. Because she had grown up in the DMV area, she listened to a lot of pop punks in her youth, though from what I can tell she still does, seeing as she’s done the Pop Punk Challenge twice.

Side Note: One song in particular that she introduced me to was Radio (Juno Jay remix) by Mansions on the Moon.

Another place I follow Claire is her tumblr. It looks very “tumblr”-esque for those who are only familiar with tumblr’s repute: eclectic, kind of hipstery, humorous, stylish girls, and of course, cats. I love it. Personally I like all the selfies; when your brow and cat eye games are that strong, who wouldn’t want to see your face?

My favourite photos from her Instagram and tumblr:

I have not spent much time on Claire’s blog, but scrolling through I noticed she posts YouTube video updates pretty often. I noticed one series that looked cool on her blog: Music Monday, originally Monday Morning Mixtape. Again she’s got great taste in music, so it should be interesting how I get on with her recommendations.


Tutorials — heyclaire offers many tutorials for makeup, hair, and occasionally food. Here are just my favourites:

My Manicure At Home — I found this in-depth video helpful as I am only recently getting into painting my nails.

Sweet Sunday | Buttercake — this looks pretty freaking delicious and it was really cool how she took the risk to adjust the recipe as she saw fit and how it worked out well.

EASY BEACH BABY HAIR — This is a fast no-heat waves, though she gives the option of more defined curls with some heat. Plus I know I’m not the only one interested in Oribe after watching this.

Vlogs — Claire does not separate her vlogs from the rest of her videos, making her channel all the more personal. Even though they’re not as heavily edited as a normal video would be, she still shows how creative and funny she is on an everyday basis:

VLOG: BECAUSE THAT’S DIFFERENT — this was pretty chill, but we got to see the work put into creating a lookbook.

VLOG: BOYS BOYS BOYS — this was supremely cool. We followed Tennis System for a day, you know, living like a rockstar vicariously through this video.

VLOG: Behind the Scenes – NBD Vintage Holiday Video — this video was absolutely perfect; some parts of the video looked like they could have been taken from any multi-million dollar ad campaign. I know the magic in this video was not accomplished by Claire alone, but I really appreciate her sharing this video with us.

Lookbooks — I have already stated that I adore Claire’s style, but I think I love her lookbooks even more! They are creative and fun and they look like a lookbook coming from a big, well-known brand:

Summer Looks with — This lookbook is my favourite! It lolo’s like she had a huge team to help her with the concept, locations, filming, and modelling. It reminds me of H&M commercials, the MyBurberry as campaign with Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss, and various America’s Next Top Model photo shoots. Except Claire did it best.

CALIRE’S CLOSET • BLACK BOOT COLLECTION — This video was too cool. It probably took forever to choreograph and make sure everything fit perfectly, but it looks effortless.

FAVORITE NAILS INC. POLISHES — Nails Inc. made a wise decision to have Claire make a video about their nail polishes. As always, this looked super professional and was perfectly edited.

FAVORITE MAC LIPSTICKS – Va Va Voom — Is this a commercial? No? Well it certainly looks like one.

And so that was the very first of the Internet Icon series. If you hadn’t heard of Claire Marshall beforehand, I hope you at least check her videos out. I can’t wait to see what Claire does in the future! As always, have a good day and you’ll hear from me soon!

The Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Soothing Facial Toner: A Gentle Toner for Anyone

Simple Sensitive Skin experts Soothing Facial Toner. The name perfectly describes the product.

The Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Soothing Facial Toner which you can find at the drugstore.

The Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Soothing Facial Toner which you can find at the drugstore.

I first bought it about two months ago just because I hadn’t been using a toner and Simple has a reputation for being gentle but effective. I have used either a cotton ball or a round and put a generous amount, then gently swipe it over my face and neck every morning and every evening. I never miss this step of my skincare routine even on days when I’m too lazy for serum or eye cream.

This isn’t some miracle product, but it does its job well. When I was researching what exactly a toner is, I found that there are multiple types of toners depending on what it does and its ingredients. This one utilizes pro-vitamin B5, witch hazel, and flower extract, and is also alcohol-free as well as vegan. It is refreshing and shrinks pores. The soothing face toner cleans any residual dirt left after cleansing, and I actually use the cotton pad to clean my neck after I’m done with the face (I don’t know if I’m supposed to; it’s just what I do). In my first week of using it, I looked in the mirror and was flabbergasted at how small my pores were on my forehead. They are naturally very big and I never really cared or did anything about them, so this was a nice surprise.

On the back it simple says “Our Soothing Facial Toner leaves you skin feeling clean and refreshed. Perfect especially for sensitive skin.” While it is true that it cleans and refreshes the skin, it did also shrink my meteor-sized pores as an added bonus. The Simple Soothing Facial Toner left me satisfied with the job done. If you’ve never used a toner before, or if you want something good for sensitive skin, I recommend this one.

If you’re still not sure what a toner is and how it works, you might find these links useful:

Michael Kors Phone Case Review

Like most teenagers, I am absolutely always on my phone. Mine is a black iPhone 5, which happens to be very scratched with some unfortunate cracks, too. Some of the scratches and cracks that adorn my phone could have been prevented by a highly protective phone case.

In a previous post I mentioned that I splurged on a gorgeous red saffiano leather phone case from Michael Kors. I really did fall in love with it; it was beautiful and luxurious without being overtly flashy and tacky. Remember when those bunny ears phone cases were all the rage? Well, I would have been filled with rage if someone put a tacky thing like that on my phone.

My beautiful MK case was my shine new ball for a while. Unfortunately u took it to the Bon Jovi concert, and, well, it was dark, so,…yeah it dropped. It wasn’t even that high off the ground when I dropped it, but I still got a small crack on the front of my phone.

For a while my broken screen did break my heart, but I quickly got over that and tried to be more gentle with my previous phone. And it worked! For an infinitely small amount of time. Maybe a little longer.

Flash forward to June and three corners have snapped off. Two are understandable (I dropped my phone on the occasions) but the other?! I just handed it to my friend! While the corner bits that broke off were irksome, I still deemed the case usable. Until I tried to take my phone out of my back pocket, like normal, and one of the broken corners cracked and bent up the side! Now I know the plastic part that cracked was probably not of the best quality compared to the leather, but still it was a designer phone case. I expected it to be better made than this.

If this case is any indication of Michael Kors’ other cases, I am not impressed the plastic is very poorly made It stains easily from my jean pockets and cracks worse than my free one I got for buying my phone. As beautiful and luxurious it felt, I feel that I can get a much better case for the same price. Like an OtterBox.

What about you? Where do you get your phone cases? I actually haven’t been using one since this case broke, so I could really use some recommendations.

The Dangers of Emotional Shopping

I know, I know. This topic is nothing knew, and a whole lot of people suffer from it, but I’m still going to talk about emotional shopping. By emotional shopping, I mean retail therapy, where people shop because they are not in a good mood. As good as the initial feeling is when you first buy something, it is not healthy for you or your wallet to drown your sorrows with some shiny new item.

I personally feel the need to spend money whenever I am mad, or sad, or annoyed. Considering how often I have those feelings, emotional shopping is a habit I really ought to check at the door. Recently, I bought a wrap bracelet because I couldn’t find a working printer, and I bought a leather phone case from Michael Kors because I couldn’t find the right Coach wristlet. Yes, retrospectively, I can see just how dumb those reasons sound, but at the time it felt perfectly reasonable! I guess that’s one of the main problems; you feel it’s perfectly alright until you look back and have buyer’s remorse.

Buyer’s remorse, as the name suggests, is remorse felt after buying something. Often if that something is an expensive piece it just adds to the gift felt after impulse buying. I personally have quite a history with buyer’s remorse, and the absolute best advice is don’t buy something unless you have 100% thought it through. How many times would you be able to use it? How long do you think it would last? Do you actually like the product?! Having answers for questions like those that leave you satisfied would be a good indicator of whether you’ll suffer from buyer’s remorse or not.

Emotional shopping also leaves your wallet unhappy. It’s like this: money is like a shiny ball for your wallet. Whenever your wallet has money it’s happy, but when you take away the money, it is sad and just keeps giving you “The Look” that says, “Please give me some money.” So please don’t. Retail therapy just saddens your poor, abused wallet.

So with what I have told you, I hope those of you who have this same problem and I can find different ways to cope/entertain ourselves rather than retail therapy. I mean, regretful purchases that only give you a jolt of temporary satisfaction are not the best gifts for yourself. Remember that. Even though shopping is really fun, frugality is quite the characteristic.

Dr Martens 1460 Review

As you guys know, I bought the Dr Martens 1460 in black a little while ago, and I promised you guys a review on those bad boys, so here we go:

The very first time I wore my pair out was my first day of school, and that was the first awful decision I made this school year. It’s not that my outfit was ruined by their addition, so much as they ruined the back of my Achilles’ tendons. When I left my house, I had my straight legged jeans folded and tucked into my knobbly-ankles socks; I thought it would be fine for the two hours I’d be away from home. Unfortunately, my hardly-protected feet started to hurt from my boots in less than an hour. By the time I started walking back home I was practically limping. I was so glad when I didn’t make a crosswalk light because it gave me time to fix my socks, which were so loose that they had fallen off, even for just the few minutes I had until my return home.

When my difficult trek home finally ended, I immediately took my boots off. The vision that beset me was awful. On the back of one of my feet I had this popped blister, and on the other an unpopped one. Granted the unpopped one was kind of fun to poke, but I still did not like them.

So I decided that, while breaking them in, I would wear band aids and only my thick Adidas socks. With that, my Docs became a whole lot more bearable. The first week was still pretty uncomfortable, as most Dr Martens owners would probably tell you, but once you finally break them in I guarantee you will love them forever. They are as comfortable as everybody raves about!

Dr Martens are quite versatile. In fact I’ve worn them almost everyday that I’ve had them because they just go with everything! From a funkier approach to a more preppy look, I swear, these babies just work some sort of magic.

With that I conclude my Dr Martens 1460 review. Renowned for their superior Air Wair comfort, more consumers ought to know about how uncomfortable they are to break in. If you own a brand new pair I suggest the use of band aids, thick socks, or I hear even Vaseline, to protect your feet from painful blisters. One should also never fear experimenting with the boots. You should also always try on outfits you may or may not think would work with these boots, lest you come up with a genius and absolutely fashionable look. So now I ask you: Do you own Docs? Do you want some? Tell me your experiences with them, and leave some pictures of your favourite looks down below.

Stay Warm With These Hot Trends

I know in some wonderful, beachy area in the world people are sipping on iced tea wearing bikinis by the pool, but for me it feels like I’m drowning. Yes I know that sounds kind of melodramatic, but it is pouring outside and I feel very melancholy, like my mind has just subconsciously kicked into autumn mode.

And of course what does a whole change of perspective, weather and seasons trigger? A whole plethora of trends to get excited about! Usually I don’t give much thought as to what is considered “fashionable” at the moment, I usually just go to a store and pick out what I think is cool, but this time around I did it kind of differently. I actually did my research on what is in style. Checking out all the new trends these are my favourites:

•Capes — Okay so do you remember when Gwyneth Paltrow showed up at the Oscars in that exquisite white Tom Ford with the cape? Well I certainly do because it was gorgeous. And now capes just keep popping up. From the collections of high-end designers like Armani and Ralph Lauren; to the racks of modern and inspiring shops like H&M and Zara, capes are confidently making their statement.

•Leather– No not just the classic leather jackets from Mackage you always stare at but never buy; I’m talking leather skirts, leather shirts, leather anything. Or pleather if you’re not into the whole real leather thing.

•Hats — Hats have become a very popular trend the last few years; I’ve seen many a beanie, toque, fedora, and other types of hats. Particularly toques and beanies have been very popular among bloggers, gurus, and designers (shoutout to or The Girl in the Little Black Dress who actually did a post on beanies a little while back), often worn in a slouchy manner. I recently bought a cloche hat from Joe Fresh, and I think it is fabulous.

•Oversized Coats — Everybody loves coats, and what’s better than a regular coat? An oversized coat. After all, the bigger the better, right? At least with these chic staples.

•Classic Patterns — Classics, like houndstooth, never go out of style. And plaid? Never goes out of style. Timeless patterns like these will definitely captivate those around you.

•Academically Inspired Clothing — This has to be one of the greatest trends ever. For me at least, just because, you know…I love preppy clothes, and all. This wonderful trend will most definitely have me shelling out my money at Tommy Hilfiger.

Those lovely trends are my definite fall musts this year. I’m sure to see them everywhere in the next few months, and feel free to comment on any great trends I forgot to mention.

Back to School Fashion Haul

Like most people I know I only buy a few new items for the new school year. We can’t all be so lucky as fashion and beauty gurus. Throughout a couple of weeks, I have created a small collection for going back to school. Even though I have only a few items, I think I’ve gotten some really amazing finds.

First of all, I found this cowl-neck, nautical cardigan from Tommy Hilfiger. It’s nice and warm and a good transition piece.

Then I got this Herschel Heritage backpack in black/tan. It looks like a really nice backpack, but I’m probably not the best judge for that, as I haven’t used this style of backpack for about 4 or 5 years.


Now Aritzia is where I hit the jackpot. Oh my goodness, I have been searching for Dr. Martens boots for years, and recently Aritzia has started carrying them. Thank you Mr. Brian Hill or whoever got Dr. Martens into Aritzia! When I tried them on in the store the fit was fairly good. I will without a doubt write a review on these suckers.

So that is pretty much all I got for the new school year. I did also get socks, but I didn’t really feel like writing about socks. Hope you have a great school year and you’ll hear from me later. Au revoir!

Fall 2013 Fashion Wishlist

Going through Arielle Toulotte’s, a Pinterest follower of mine, “Clothes” board I came across these beautiful, brown Tory Burch riding boots, which obviously I had to repin. When it came to the pin description Arielle wrote “wanting these for the fall, they are soo preppy and perfect”, and that pretty much inspired me to write about my fall fashion wishlist.

Without further ado, here is my fall fashion wishlist:

  • Tall riding boots — What I think are a staple in everybody’s wardrobe to dress up and bring a look together. This pair from Steve Madden are totally killer.
  • Short heeled booties — Like riding boots, a nice basic which would work for most outfits
  • Basic tees — I am one of those girls who has only a few basic t-shirts, and I really am in dire need of some more
  • Statement jewellery (particularly earrings) — I was not an avid watcher of Gossip Girl, but I have recently become inspired by Sereena van der Woodsen that I am now very much into big, chunky jewellery.
  • Well fitted blazers — I am the proud owner of three great blazers, and I think my very first one had sparked an addiction because I am yearning for more.
  • Jackie-O sunglasses — True, summer is almost over, but a classic like Jackie-Os can be worn for many seasons to come.
  • Pink Pants — So if you read The Fashion Medley’s post on pink pants, you are most probably just as in love with them as I am! I probably won’t get a wide leg trouser, but I recently spotted these pink coated pants in American Eagle that I fell in love with.
  • Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. in port — I am a sucker for small crossbodies, and I love deep, dark reds, so of course I would want this bag. If only I can find a store that sells the Mini M.A.C. in this colour.

So that is my fall fashion wishlist. I can probably only hope to find and buy just the right one (or two) of these, but it never hurts to years for something. Let me know what you guys are dying for in the comments, and you’ll hear from me soon.