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Internet Icons: Claire Marshall

My first victim internet icon is Claire Marshall, aka heyclaire. Hailing from the Washington DC area, she comes across like someone from the fast-paced New York rather than from LA, where she actually lives. She is worldly, having travelled so much in her childhood with her mother. She is a beauty and fashion personality on YouTube, but her brand also includes a Twitter, Instagram, tumblr., and blog.

For me, she is a style inspiration. She has identified her style as “hobo-chic” and she utilizes basics to her advantage. Her wardrobe consists of enviable items she has curated from designer brands like All Saints and Alexander Wang, mall stores like Zara and J. Crew, vintage finds, as well as lesser-known online stores, like Runway Bandits. Her style is not typical, though it does include very classic pieces, it is completely her own.

In her videos she often speaks to her precious black cat, Bruce Lee. Claire very much has personality, which translates into her edited videos, some of which she doesn’t even talk in, as well as her vlogs. For anyone wanting to watch a video that can make you laugh, warm your heart, entertain, teach you, and/or inspire, her channel is where it’s at.

Besides beauty videos, Claire also films many vlogs, often featuring her hilarious friends, behind the scenes footage of different projects, yummy-looking food, and of course, Claire driving in her car. These vlogs are always sweet videos. My favourites usually have Claire just simply talking to is while she’s driving. It’s like a very mellow one-sided conversation!

Claire also uses very good, catchy, albeit more indie, music. I wouldn’t say she has introduced me to my new favourite bands, but I have rediscovered old favourites through her videos (Foxes and Fall Out Boy). She seems to really like pop punk, alternative and indie rock, but she has expressed appreciation for Top 40 pop, having said “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift was her most listened to song at one point. Because she had grown up in the DMV area, she listened to a lot of pop punks in her youth, though from what I can tell she still does, seeing as she’s done the Pop Punk Challenge twice.

Side Note: One song in particular that she introduced me to was Radio (Juno Jay remix) by Mansions on the Moon.

Another place I follow Claire is her tumblr. It looks very “tumblr”-esque for those who are only familiar with tumblr’s repute: eclectic, kind of hipstery, humorous, stylish girls, and of course, cats. I love it. Personally I like all the selfies; when your brow and cat eye games are that strong, who wouldn’t want to see your face?

My favourite photos from her Instagram and tumblr:

I have not spent much time on Claire’s blog, but scrolling through I noticed she posts YouTube video updates pretty often. I noticed one series that looked cool on her blog: Music Monday, originally Monday Morning Mixtape. Again she’s got great taste in music, so it should be interesting how I get on with her recommendations.


Tutorials — heyclaire offers many tutorials for makeup, hair, and occasionally food. Here are just my favourites:

My Manicure At Home — I found this in-depth video helpful as I am only recently getting into painting my nails.

Sweet Sunday | Buttercake — this looks pretty freaking delicious and it was really cool how she took the risk to adjust the recipe as she saw fit and how it worked out well.

EASY BEACH BABY HAIR — This is a fast no-heat waves, though she gives the option of more defined curls with some heat. Plus I know I’m not the only one interested in Oribe after watching this.

Vlogs — Claire does not separate her vlogs from the rest of her videos, making her channel all the more personal. Even though they’re not as heavily edited as a normal video would be, she still shows how creative and funny she is on an everyday basis:

VLOG: BECAUSE THAT’S DIFFERENT — this was pretty chill, but we got to see the work put into creating a lookbook.

VLOG: BOYS BOYS BOYS — this was supremely cool. We followed Tennis System for a day, you know, living like a rockstar vicariously through this video.

VLOG: Behind the Scenes – NBD Vintage Holiday Video — this video was absolutely perfect; some parts of the video looked like they could have been taken from any multi-million dollar ad campaign. I know the magic in this video was not accomplished by Claire alone, but I really appreciate her sharing this video with us.

Lookbooks — I have already stated that I adore Claire’s style, but I think I love her lookbooks even more! They are creative and fun and they look like a lookbook coming from a big, well-known brand:

Summer Looks with — This lookbook is my favourite! It lolo’s like she had a huge team to help her with the concept, locations, filming, and modelling. It reminds me of H&M commercials, the MyBurberry as campaign with Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss, and various America’s Next Top Model photo shoots. Except Claire did it best.

CALIRE’S CLOSET • BLACK BOOT COLLECTION — This video was too cool. It probably took forever to choreograph and make sure everything fit perfectly, but it looks effortless.

FAVORITE NAILS INC. POLISHES — Nails Inc. made a wise decision to have Claire make a video about their nail polishes. As always, this looked super professional and was perfectly edited.

FAVORITE MAC LIPSTICKS – Va Va Voom — Is this a commercial? No? Well it certainly looks like one.

And so that was the very first of the Internet Icon series. If you hadn’t heard of Claire Marshall beforehand, I hope you at least check her videos out. I can’t wait to see what Claire does in the future! As always, have a good day and you’ll hear from me soon!


Introducing: Internet Icons

I want to start a series on my blog highlighting people from the internet who I follow and love. For the most part I will feature people from YouTube, tumblr., or bloggers, just because those are the internet hubs I frequent.

My first official post on this series will be up tomorrow, but let me know if there is anyone in particular you want me to talk about! As always, have a good day and you’ll hear from me soon!

P.S. In case you didn’t know, I have a twitter, which is @SmudgeofScarlet. Follow me for updates and occasional moments of inspiration, as well as random thoughts that pop in my brain.

The Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Soothing Facial Toner: A Gentle Toner for Anyone

Simple Sensitive Skin experts Soothing Facial Toner. The name perfectly describes the product.

The Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Soothing Facial Toner which you can find at the drugstore.

The Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Soothing Facial Toner which you can find at the drugstore.

I first bought it about two months ago just because I hadn’t been using a toner and Simple has a reputation for being gentle but effective. I have used either a cotton ball or a round and put a generous amount, then gently swipe it over my face and neck every morning and every evening. I never miss this step of my skincare routine even on days when I’m too lazy for serum or eye cream.

This isn’t some miracle product, but it does its job well. When I was researching what exactly a toner is, I found that there are multiple types of toners depending on what it does and its ingredients. This one utilizes pro-vitamin B5, witch hazel, and flower extract, and is also alcohol-free as well as vegan. It is refreshing and shrinks pores. The soothing face toner cleans any residual dirt left after cleansing, and I actually use the cotton pad to clean my neck after I’m done with the face (I don’t know if I’m supposed to; it’s just what I do). In my first week of using it, I looked in the mirror and was flabbergasted at how small my pores were on my forehead. They are naturally very big and I never really cared or did anything about them, so this was a nice surprise.

On the back it simple says “Our Soothing Facial Toner leaves you skin feeling clean and refreshed. Perfect especially for sensitive skin.” While it is true that it cleans and refreshes the skin, it did also shrink my meteor-sized pores as an added bonus. The Simple Soothing Facial Toner left me satisfied with the job done. If you’ve never used a toner before, or if you want something good for sensitive skin, I recommend this one.

If you’re still not sure what a toner is and how it works, you might find these links useful:

The Netflix Diaries: Lost

Lost was a drama that ran from 2004-2010. It ran for six seasons and was a success, dubbed by my older supervisor as “The big show at the time”. When it first aired I was only a kid, so obviously I never watched it. Thank goodness, though, because I don’t think I would have had the patience to wait around for the next episode every week. Lost, I find, is well-written, to say the least, and highly enjoyable and addictive for the audience.

The most important aspect of Lost is its characters. You guys might not know this about me, but I am a completely character-driven person, which is why I love a good Bildungsroman. I get attached to characters, whether they are good or bad, and I really appreciate the characters of Lost, particularly Sawyer, Charlie, Desmond, and Ben.

From the very start I fell in love with Charlie Pace. He had a boyish innocence to him, despite the fact that he was originally a heroin addict. His backstory was the first that made me teary-eyed because the idea of being used and abandoned by those we love is ultimately one of the scariest things in the world. In all honestly I had no major problems with Charlie until his tragic death (yes I justified his stealing Aaron and “kidnapping” Sun). It did not make sense to me why he locked himself in what became his death chamber rather than shutting the door from the outside and escaping with Desmond the way they got in. I felt that it wasn’t his time yet because he was really showing his promise, pretty much acting as a dad to Aaron.

The most complex characters on the show were The Others, particularly their leader, Benjamin Linus. He was so human; he was calculating and hurt and was seeking love always, from his unhappy father, his rebellious daughter, from the island he sacrificed everything to. But he lost them all. So he took solace in The Man in Black because “he’s the only one who’ll have [him].” At first I believed him to be just a clumsy, troublesome captive of Jack and John, but I immediately warmed up to him when he started showing his deceptive and manipulative side. I believe he epitomizes extreme qualities desirable to most people. He’s smart, cunning and knows how to get what he wants, but he’s very much a human and cares deeply for his daughter and the island.

Lost was not without bad characters, however. For example, I really disliked Kate. I didn’t think she was well-written or likeable but she was obviously a favourite amongst the writers from the get-go. She didn’t have any surprises to offer the audience (except maybe when she handed Aaron over to his grandmother); her being the criminal on the plane, falling for Sawyer, becoming overly attached to Aaron, it was all predictable. But on the show she was treated with so much importance it really irked me.

The overarching plot of Lost was interesting and provided enough surprises to keep the audience captivated. The first few seasons did not deal with the exciting science fiction elements that the last few did, but they were mortally entertaining nonetheless. At first I thought the polar bears from Season 1 came from some sort of unreported storm or tsunami that carried them all the way to Oceania. When it was revealed that the DHARMA Initiative brought them, it made a lot more sense, though it was not as fantastical. Again, I loved seeing The Others, seeing that they are people, not heartless mutants. These ordinary humans who somehow got sucked into that world and chose to stay and obey, yes, they were fascinating.

I did find that I became even more invested in the series by the fourth season. I loved Daniel Faraday because he was played by the talented Jeremy Davies, who I also loved on Hannibal. I loved him on Lost because he made the unreal sci-fi believable when I was freaking out over what was happening with Desmond in the beginning of Season 4. I comforted myself by believing he would be safe following Daniel.

In Season 5, there was the most science fiction in the series. I love finding sci-fi shows and novels and movies, so I really appreciated the time-travelling early on. The writers did well in making the time-travelling easy enough to understand but confusing enough to be believable and keep the audience engaged. A standout scene from the season was when Miles was explaining how nonlinear time is/was because of their jumping around different times to Hurley confidently but still not know how Ben did not recognize Sayid. I still don’t know the answer to that, but I liked how it was done.

Season 6 kept me on my toes, and I loved it. Mark Pellegrino’s Jacob was another one of my favourite characters on Lost. Because of the flashbacks and his appearances to Hurley (and his comrades later on) we saw this character unravel and reveal himself but also still take control of everything. Jacob was completely brilliant and shone light on all of the Candidates. Because of Jacob we saw the Candidates show these brilliant and mature sides. I also appreciated the flashes of that alternate dimension because it was quite a sweet ending that tied the entire series in with a bow.

With good there are always going to be some bad aspects. Not too many because this show was superb, but a little here and there. My main “problem” (for lack of a better word) was how connected the characters were. It struck me as odd how they had passed by each other, drank with, visited each others’ hometowns, but not really know each other until the plain crash. I found small things in individual plot lines odd; like how Sayid fell in love with Shannon, even though he was going to LA to find his true love, who he then immediately married after escaping the island sans Shannon. And just a small note, I know that Jacob manipulated some passengers to board the Oceanic Flight 815, but why were there no families and so few Australians? Considering the plain is departing from Australia I would have expected more than just Claire.

All in all, Lost is an absolutely solid show. It provided satisfying characters who were realistic and showed qualities unique and familiar to us. While the characters and their development were my favourite aspect of Lost, I did also greatly appreciate that they took the risk of adding science fiction elements. I know I’m not the only one who appreciated it, as The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences did, too (though they are still not prepared to honour the hands down brilliant Orphan Black, see details here) To anyone reading, I recommend Lost 100%. Whether you’ve seen it before or not, if you have Netflix, you need to watch this.

4.5/5 STARS

4.5/5 STARS

And so there you have it folks! If you have any TV shows you want me to watch or review feel free to comment down below. You’ll hear from me soon. Ciao, bella.

Michael Kors Phone Case Review

Like most teenagers, I am absolutely always on my phone. Mine is a black iPhone 5, which happens to be very scratched with some unfortunate cracks, too. Some of the scratches and cracks that adorn my phone could have been prevented by a highly protective phone case.

In a previous post I mentioned that I splurged on a gorgeous red saffiano leather phone case from Michael Kors. I really did fall in love with it; it was beautiful and luxurious without being overtly flashy and tacky. Remember when those bunny ears phone cases were all the rage? Well, I would have been filled with rage if someone put a tacky thing like that on my phone.

My beautiful MK case was my shine new ball for a while. Unfortunately u took it to the Bon Jovi concert, and, well, it was dark, so,…yeah it dropped. It wasn’t even that high off the ground when I dropped it, but I still got a small crack on the front of my phone.

For a while my broken screen did break my heart, but I quickly got over that and tried to be more gentle with my previous phone. And it worked! For an infinitely small amount of time. Maybe a little longer.

Flash forward to June and three corners have snapped off. Two are understandable (I dropped my phone on the occasions) but the other?! I just handed it to my friend! While the corner bits that broke off were irksome, I still deemed the case usable. Until I tried to take my phone out of my back pocket, like normal, and one of the broken corners cracked and bent up the side! Now I know the plastic part that cracked was probably not of the best quality compared to the leather, but still it was a designer phone case. I expected it to be better made than this.

If this case is any indication of Michael Kors’ other cases, I am not impressed the plastic is very poorly made It stains easily from my jean pockets and cracks worse than my free one I got for buying my phone. As beautiful and luxurious it felt, I feel that I can get a much better case for the same price. Like an OtterBox.

What about you? Where do you get your phone cases? I actually haven’t been using one since this case broke, so I could really use some recommendations.

My Favourite Shows At the Moment

Recently I have been watching a lot of television shows. I got Netflix a few months ago, and I have been taking great advantage of it. My favourite shows to watch recently have been Reign, Breaking Bad, and Glee.


During the summer when I first saw the Reign promos, I became very excited for the new show. I watched the Pilot a day before the official premier because M3 plays Reign a day early, which is totally awesome. And to tell you the truth, it has been really good. I know a lot of people have been bashing it because it is not always historically correct; I even read this review that said people (teenage girls mainly) would be fooled and take Reign as fact, but I disagree. This show is arresting. It does what a television show is supposed to: it entertains the audience. And some of the events do come off as a bit off, ridiculous and unlikely, even, but that kind of thing would make people who are not total history buffs want to do their own research on Mary Stuart and her life. At least I wanted to; I took out “Mary Queen of Scots” by Antonia Fraser because this show made me interested in her. And I also really like to watch attractive British boys, so Toby Regbo, you go!

About a month ago, I randomly started watching Glee from the first season because I only started watching in season three. And I have to say it is pretty freakin’ good. The music is alright, not mind-blowing, but I like how it is written. I prefer this older Glee over the current Glee. It was way better before they added all those annoying characters (ahem Marley) in the fourth season.

My favourite show has become Breaking Bad. I started watching about a week after the finale, which is really sad because I wish I could have started watching at the very beginning of the show, but it’s fine. I saw the last scene, which was really dumb of me, as my friends pointed out, because my brother was watching it during dinner. I started watching Breaking Bad, though, and thank goodness for that. I love it. I am almost done watching season four, and I really want to finish but at the same time I don’t because then I won’t be able to watch it for the first time again.

Those are my favourite television shows of the moment. They are all pretty good, and I highly recommend them. And also because the Breaking Bad finale was such a big thing, I’m pretty sure you guys have seen breaking Bad. Glee, too, has been popular, so you’ve probably seen it, as well. Let me know what you guys watch in the comments. Or also if you’ve got any opinions on my favourite shows, make sure to let me know.

The Fall of Five Book Review

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. Do not be disappointed with experiences related to this book you may or may not experience after reading this book review.

The Fall of Five by “Pittacus Lore” was definitely thrilling for the reader. It opens up with Sam Goode’s reunion with his long-absent father, Malcolm Goode, who appears to be buddy-buddy with a Mogadorian named Adam (the Adamus we were introduced to earlier in the series). This book of the Lorien Legacies is quite the eye-opener for most of us who put our faith and placed our bets on the happenings of this saga early in the series.

First and foremost, I want to address the most awesome aspect of the novel; its conveying that the Loric underdogs are not all perfect. Not even perfect, but good. The Garde gang find Five. Hooray! Except for one thing: he is a diabolical, brainwashed, and frankly creepy character! I mean it is genius the way he is first written as an annoyingly weak and inept butthole, and I really really disliked him from the start (I’m not using the word “hate” because how I felt then is nothing to what I felt at the ending). In one scene, Marina is helping Five clean the living room after Five fought with Nine. Five asks Marina in what was conveyed as an innocent tone what he did wrong, and that almost had me not dislike the loser. However, I wasn’t completely fooled by Five. I had my suspicions throughout his stay in Chicago, and I was literally screaming that he was a traitor when Malcolm’s detailed notes of the Garde’s belongings were found translated into Mogadorian, then retranslated into English. Mr Lore, I am mentally applauding you for your lifelike characters.

The character, Adam, though not prominent, is very interesting. His mentality is the byproduct of Mogadorian experimentation on his and Number One’s minds. But what does that mean? He escaped, and is a Mogadorian traitor, obviously. Does that mean the Mogs will now never experiment on their kind’s very closed-off brains? But they are a curious species. Will they just continue with the experiments until they work as planned, discarding the Mogs with humane mentalities? How about those “useless” Mogs? Can they escape as Adamus did? Or is Adam…special? Adam’s contrasting views versus his species’, like Five’s, was well done. I can’t wait to read more about him.

The roles of the three humans, Sarah Hart, and Sam and Malcolm Goode, had me scratching my head at times and yelping with glee at others. The reunion of John (Four) and Sarah, and Sam and his father were all quite touching. John and Sarah were a tad too willing to share their affection, even when Six was still kind of awkward around the two. I was alright with it, though. Hey, Sarah was locked in prison for a long time, remember? What is so compelling about the trio of humans is that they could easily have been “dead weight” or “damsel[s] in distress”, but they work with their human abilities to help the Loric as much as they can. At first I thought Sarah to be selfish, going with John on the mission to find Five because she was worried, overlooking the fact that her being there with him would make him nervous for her safety. However, when she proves herself useful, I swelled with pride knowing someone of my race was useful in this endeavour against technologically-advanced aliens. The Goode’s are less brawny here, more brainy in their efforts to help the Loric. In all fairness though, Malcolm Goode is not a bad shot, and a better soldier.

The breakout character in this instalment is Marina (Seven). In her previous appearances, I found her kind of annoying because she was not much except a healer. A nurse on the run. Her obvious infatuation with Eight at first left me embarrassed to read the books, but in The Fall of Five, it is sweet. What is also great about her is her role as the glue, or the nuts and bolts of the group. Where John is the leader, Marina is a silent constant, less appreciated, for lack of a better word, but still so, so important. She really proved her worth being a mediator, an older sister, a friendly face, and a sweetheart all at once. My one problem with her in this book, a huge problem, but one that cannot be simplified any more in my eyes, is her mercy to Traitor Five (let’s call him that from now on;he’s not Five, he’s Traitor Five). The author evoked true emotion in her last scene, her strength coursing through from the emotional gashes Eight left behind, allowing her power to kill Traitor Five but control to stick to her moral compass. I just really really really wish she killed Traitor Five.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was not as full of surprises as I had hoped it to be, but I don’t know if that has something to do with how the book was written or if I just have killer instincts. With the exception of Five, and Malcolm because I have nothing to compare him to, the characters grew well and made me yearn for more. John and Nine remain my favourites with Marina making her way up the ranks. The romantic love that exists around the characters, John and Sarah, Sam and Six, Ella and her crush on Nine, and what Marina and Eight had, added the touch of sweetness a thriller like this needed. It refreshed us as a mint refreshes the palate. The complex but not really all that complex status of Loric, Mogadorian, and presumably human traitors became still so fascinating. For the Garde’s sake, though, I am very displeased with Traitor Five’s conduct. I am glad to see the Loric were not all written as heroes as that would have made the series boring of it went down that route. Adam and Five reminded me of great characters before them who did the opposite of what people who should mean their world pressure them to do. Kind of like Wormtail, or a strange character from Doctor Who. I know that Ella, with her strange past and even stranger and scarier future, will be of utmost importance at one point, but I am more concerned with the more immediate dangers. The book ended at such a cliffhanger. I am desperate for the next book to see what becomes of these characters who have become my friends.

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We Shall Remember Them

Today my school held three assemblies to celebrate Remembrance Day. I took part in the ceremonies, working on a photo essay to raise awareness of our hard-won First World rights, and collecting donations for the poppy fund.

The slideshow of Canada’s fallen mixed with the beautiful musical arrangement students performed left me with tears in my eyes. It struck me how fortunate I am that thousands of people before me risked, and many gave, their lives to ensure their descendants’, and everyone else’s, have the rights we have now. We are not yet living in a world where everyone can freely express their basic human rights. I feel very fortunate to be living in such a well-off country.

On November 11, I encourage you all to celebrate Remembrance Day in any way at all. What you do can be as simple as wearing a poppy over your heart. You can also attend a Remembrance Day ceremony, or if you live near Ottawa, visit the Grave of the Unknown Soldier.

They shall not grow old as we grow old:
Age shall not weary them, not the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
User : Lauren Cathy Turner

The Dangers of Emotional Shopping

I know, I know. This topic is nothing knew, and a whole lot of people suffer from it, but I’m still going to talk about emotional shopping. By emotional shopping, I mean retail therapy, where people shop because they are not in a good mood. As good as the initial feeling is when you first buy something, it is not healthy for you or your wallet to drown your sorrows with some shiny new item.

I personally feel the need to spend money whenever I am mad, or sad, or annoyed. Considering how often I have those feelings, emotional shopping is a habit I really ought to check at the door. Recently, I bought a wrap bracelet because I couldn’t find a working printer, and I bought a leather phone case from Michael Kors because I couldn’t find the right Coach wristlet. Yes, retrospectively, I can see just how dumb those reasons sound, but at the time it felt perfectly reasonable! I guess that’s one of the main problems; you feel it’s perfectly alright until you look back and have buyer’s remorse.

Buyer’s remorse, as the name suggests, is remorse felt after buying something. Often if that something is an expensive piece it just adds to the gift felt after impulse buying. I personally have quite a history with buyer’s remorse, and the absolute best advice is don’t buy something unless you have 100% thought it through. How many times would you be able to use it? How long do you think it would last? Do you actually like the product?! Having answers for questions like those that leave you satisfied would be a good indicator of whether you’ll suffer from buyer’s remorse or not.

Emotional shopping also leaves your wallet unhappy. It’s like this: money is like a shiny ball for your wallet. Whenever your wallet has money it’s happy, but when you take away the money, it is sad and just keeps giving you “The Look” that says, “Please give me some money.” So please don’t. Retail therapy just saddens your poor, abused wallet.

So with what I have told you, I hope those of you who have this same problem and I can find different ways to cope/entertain ourselves rather than retail therapy. I mean, regretful purchases that only give you a jolt of temporary satisfaction are not the best gifts for yourself. Remember that. Even though shopping is really fun, frugality is quite the characteristic.

Dr Martens 1460 Review

As you guys know, I bought the Dr Martens 1460 in black a little while ago, and I promised you guys a review on those bad boys, so here we go:

The very first time I wore my pair out was my first day of school, and that was the first awful decision I made this school year. It’s not that my outfit was ruined by their addition, so much as they ruined the back of my Achilles’ tendons. When I left my house, I had my straight legged jeans folded and tucked into my knobbly-ankles socks; I thought it would be fine for the two hours I’d be away from home. Unfortunately, my hardly-protected feet started to hurt from my boots in less than an hour. By the time I started walking back home I was practically limping. I was so glad when I didn’t make a crosswalk light because it gave me time to fix my socks, which were so loose that they had fallen off, even for just the few minutes I had until my return home.

When my difficult trek home finally ended, I immediately took my boots off. The vision that beset me was awful. On the back of one of my feet I had this popped blister, and on the other an unpopped one. Granted the unpopped one was kind of fun to poke, but I still did not like them.

So I decided that, while breaking them in, I would wear band aids and only my thick Adidas socks. With that, my Docs became a whole lot more bearable. The first week was still pretty uncomfortable, as most Dr Martens owners would probably tell you, but once you finally break them in I guarantee you will love them forever. They are as comfortable as everybody raves about!

Dr Martens are quite versatile. In fact I’ve worn them almost everyday that I’ve had them because they just go with everything! From a funkier approach to a more preppy look, I swear, these babies just work some sort of magic.

With that I conclude my Dr Martens 1460 review. Renowned for their superior Air Wair comfort, more consumers ought to know about how uncomfortable they are to break in. If you own a brand new pair I suggest the use of band aids, thick socks, or I hear even Vaseline, to protect your feet from painful blisters. One should also never fear experimenting with the boots. You should also always try on outfits you may or may not think would work with these boots, lest you come up with a genius and absolutely fashionable look. So now I ask you: Do you own Docs? Do you want some? Tell me your experiences with them, and leave some pictures of your favourite looks down below.