Quick Update to Some Changes

So you  guys may or may not have noticed, but the blog is getting some work done. You can check my “About Me” page to find some more quirky, for lack of a better word, facts about me, obviously. I have also made a twitter and Pinterest in case you guys wanna follow that. The layout will stay relatively the same, it’s just that I’m seriously thinking over adding and removing a widget or two. Don’t worry, nothing too drastic, but hopefully changes for the better! That’s it for this update and you’ll hear from me soon. Ciao bellas!


A Family Vacation to Saskatchewan Featuring Stars Hollow, I mean Banff

Hello again, my readers! Let me start off by saying that I’m sorry I missed last week’s post, but I was on holiday. Why, and where? We’ll let me tell you.

I have some family over in Saskatchewan, so my family and I traveled from the Pacific North West, through Highway 1, around Calgary, all the way to Regina. It was lovely and I got to see some family from Saskatchewan as well as from America. While it was a sweet reunion, it was also extremely tiring. I was on the road for about four days but stuck around only one town and rested for three.

On our first day on the road, we had our first “Pit Stop”, as Jon Montgomery would say, in Banff, Alberta. Our hotel was marvelous. It was about a kilometer from Banff’s downtown, which we most definitely made sure to check out.

I can honestly say that the downtown in Banff is the cutest I have ever been to. It’s so kitschy and dinky and reminds me greatly of Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls! My family also decided to check out these gardens near the downtown, obviously. I mean, Banff is the epitome if a tourist attraction. In fact, we met this family who were visiting Banff, with members coming in from Manitoba, Alberta, and ever the Philippines. So because this town is one of the most adorable towns I have been to, I of course took some pictures for y’all. Take a look:

Then we traveled another day to get to Regina, getting lost along the new highways built around Calgary until we got to our destination. The next day was totally my definition of fun (absolutely no sarcasm): we went to the RCMP Heritage Centre, Depot, and the Saskatchewan Legislative Building. I’m not actually the most politically-interested person out there, but I find it fascinating nonetheless. I have to say that my diehard left-wing Social Studied teacher was ringing in my head during my tours, and I did ask questions I feel like a left-wing person would ask.

The rest of my time in Saskatchewan were both down key; mainly just hanging out with my lovely family and eating these feasts prepared by my talented uncles and aunts.

And then came the day we had to wake up at 5 am so we could make it out to head back home. My family traveled with my extended family from the States up until we separated in Swift Current. Then quietly we drove to Calgary, but unlike when we stopped at Banff, we only just sought rest. After driving so much in just that one week alone, boy we were all glad to get home the next day.

And so that is my vacation tale! Sorry I didn’t take that many pictures, but I really just wanted to thoroughly enjoy my holiday. I know it’s probably more quiet than most of you guys’ holidays, but I guess that’s why the comment section was created. Tell me down below what y’all have done over the summer and you’ll hear from me soon. Ciao, bellas!

Go to an Anime Convention, Find Fandom Heaven

Hello again reader! I have been keeping fairly busy over my summer break, even though it has only been a few weeks (officially). Just last week my anime-obsessed sister dragged me to a local anime Summer Festival. Now, I’m not a huge anime fan; when I was younger I did watch the anime that YTV played, like Naruto, Inuyasha, and Zatch Bell!, but I pretty much stopped watching when I was…10? 11? I would sometimes watch an episode or specific scenes that my sister was eager to share, but I have not watched anime consistently in my recent years.

I have a good friend who is the President of my school’s Anime Club. However, she did not inform me that they would be celebrating the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary this year. I only found out when I was flipping through my yearbook and I saw the club had made Tardis-inspired cakes!! Ohmygoodness, why was I not informed of this?! I was so sad because, although I’m a fairly new Whovian, I’m still very passionate about Doctor Who.

So with that said, I didn’t mind going to the festival because I hoped there would be Doctor Who merchandise. When I got there, I noticed that while I was not wrong, Doctor Who merch was all but abundant.

I did, however, find that a lot of fandoms were represented here. There was stuff for Superwholock lovers, like I, but also for Fannibals, and Breaking Bad and Marvel merchandise was being sold, as well as anime merchandise. Obviously.

When I first got to the festival, I was completely intrigued by this Lolita stall. Lolita is such a beautiful fashion style which brings me so much inspiration. When I thought I was going to visit Japan, I went straight to Pinterest to check out Japanese fashion and found such beautiful Lolita outfits. If I did end up going to Japan, I probably would have bought some Lolita-inspired clothes. The felt hats that the stall sold completely sucked me in; the good/sad new is that the hats, which I could only stare at for ten minutes, were definitely worth their hefty price tags.

After I pried myself away from the lovely Lolita ladies with the felt hats, I wandered about in search of Doctor Who merch. I found a stall that sold really cool hand-painted-looking posters for different fandoms. Their Rose Tyler poster really drew me in, and I bought one as well as two Hannibal mini-posters: one of Hannibal and one of Will.

A scratched up Supernatural pin featuring the Impala.

A scratched up Supernatural pin featuring the Impala.

But my favourite thing from this stall was this Supernatural-inspired pin. Supernatural has always been special to me as it was the first fandom (besides Harry Potter) that I joined. It opened me up to different music, actually sparked an interest in me in supernatural research, and the writing and acting and just Sam and Dean!!


The only other stall I bought stuff at was one that sold only pins. The girl behind the table was super nice. She separated the hundreds of pins she had into their fandoms and sizes. She also sold really cute vintage-y black and white pins that kind of looked like they were taken from an old newspaper or magazine. There, I got these Sherlock pins and this Breaking Bad one.

Well that about wraps up my post. But I have to ask you, the reader, something: do you like anime? Or would you ever be interested in going to a convention like the one I attended? And also I want to hear some recommendations and your thoughts on fandoms. Okay I’ll leave it at that. Bye you guys.

Explanations: What Happened All That Time?

Well hello again! First of all, let me just apologize for my lack of posts for all of those seven months. I didn’t mean for my break to go for that long, but I never found the time.

In January I went out of the country to the Philippines for my cousin’s wedding. I actually started a post explaining this but I didn’t manage to finish because after the wedding I spent my days enjoying the company of my wonderful family who I rarely get to visit. When I got home I was just swamped. During my last week I spent so much time having fun that I neglected all of my schoolwork. I ended up having to make up two weeks worth of work over the weekend after I got back, but even afterwards the work just kept piling on and on.

Because of the mounting guilt I was feeling for not posting, I planned on starting up again during my Spring Break. Evidently I didn’t. Instead I procrastinated with Netflix and Kurt Vonnegut until I ran out of time. When school started again, I was really thrown off because I had never been bombarded with schoolwork as I was during the last term. I will, quite proudly, add that though it was optional, I challenged myself to learn some IB mathematics early. Up until this past year I belonged to an academic program that prepares students for IB. This past year, my math teacher wanted to teach us the Math 10 curricula in half the school year in order to preview some areas in IB math for those interested. If I hadn’t worked so hard in all of my courses, including my math class, I might have been able to write, but I feel good knowing I was committed to my learning.

So now that it is summer I do have more time, which I will most definitely try to spend writing and reading. I am, however, currently involved in a sustainable gardening internship, but that won’t stop me from blogging! (Honestly it’s pretty hard; I’ve finished two weeks already and every day left me soo exhausted.) A perk of the internship is that the interns also get to write for the program’s blog!


Three of my Favourite Beauty Bloggers: Cathy Anderson, Amelia Liana, and Fleur De Force.


I haven’t been completely absent from the blogging world, though. I’ve started reading other blogs more regularly. I quite enjoy Amelia Liana’s because she is thoughtful and posts regularly (something I aspire to do), as well as Fleur De Force’s and Poor Little It Girl. I think I’ll grow up similar to Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City in that I will be fashion-obsessed because of all of the fashion blogs I’ve been reading as of late.

I have also created a tumblr (which you can find here), and it is basically just me. My tumblr has everything that I like and inspires me and makes me smile and tear up. It contains gif-sets of characters from my favourite fandoms, artsy black and white pictures, cute models and everyday people who may or may not have ever been told they’re beautiful, and hilarious text posts that keep me laughing for days at a time. And I love it. It might not make it the most popular blog out there, but it sure makes me happy.

I really hope you guys would still enjoy reading my blog even after my long absence. Again, I’m sorry it took so long to get back up on the horse. If any of you want to leave me a message you can always leave a comment. You’ll hear from me again soon. I promise.


em ro



The pictures of Amelia Liana, Cathy Anderson, and Fleur De Force were taken from the owners’ respective blogs. The gifs of Emma Roberts was taken from knowyourmeme.com

My Favourite Shows At the Moment

Recently I have been watching a lot of television shows. I got Netflix a few months ago, and I have been taking great advantage of it. My favourite shows to watch recently have been Reign, Breaking Bad, and Glee.


During the summer when I first saw the Reign promos, I became very excited for the new show. I watched the Pilot a day before the official premier because M3 plays Reign a day early, which is totally awesome. And to tell you the truth, it has been really good. I know a lot of people have been bashing it because it is not always historically correct; I even read this review that said people (teenage girls mainly) would be fooled and take Reign as fact, but I disagree. This show is arresting. It does what a television show is supposed to: it entertains the audience. And some of the events do come off as a bit off, ridiculous and unlikely, even, but that kind of thing would make people who are not total history buffs want to do their own research on Mary Stuart and her life. At least I wanted to; I took out “Mary Queen of Scots” by Antonia Fraser because this show made me interested in her. And I also really like to watch attractive British boys, so Toby Regbo, you go!

About a month ago, I randomly started watching Glee from the first season because I only started watching in season three. And I have to say it is pretty freakin’ good. The music is alright, not mind-blowing, but I like how it is written. I prefer this older Glee over the current Glee. It was way better before they added all those annoying characters (ahem Marley) in the fourth season.

My favourite show has become Breaking Bad. I started watching about a week after the finale, which is really sad because I wish I could have started watching at the very beginning of the show, but it’s fine. I saw the last scene, which was really dumb of me, as my friends pointed out, because my brother was watching it during dinner. I started watching Breaking Bad, though, and thank goodness for that. I love it. I am almost done watching season four, and I really want to finish but at the same time I don’t because then I won’t be able to watch it for the first time again.

Those are my favourite television shows of the moment. They are all pretty good, and I highly recommend them. And also because the Breaking Bad finale was such a big thing, I’m pretty sure you guys have seen breaking Bad. Glee, too, has been popular, so you’ve probably seen it, as well. Let me know what you guys watch in the comments. Or also if you’ve got any opinions on my favourite shows, make sure to let me know.

UPDATE: An Insight Into My Life

These past few weeks I have not really had anything to write about, so I thought maybe I could try telling you guys what I’ve been doing. Truth be told, I haven’t actually done much except for these last two days.

I watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire yesterday, on the 30th. I don’t think I’ll review it, though, because it came out over a week ago and I bet everyone has gotten around to writing one already. Unless of course you guys want me to write a review, so let me know if you do. I will tell you that Finnick Odair was breathtakingly gorgeous! All the girls I talked to after the movie were practically drooling over his hotness. Well it was the day after Black Friday, so after the movie my friends and I decided to go shopping. I live in Canada, as you have probably already inferred after reading some posts, so the deals weren’t exactly spectacular. Our little group decided to venture into Forever 21, though, and a friend of mine and I bought matching jeans for $7.80!! Can you believe how great a deal that is?! And they’re jeggings, which I am really excited about because I haven’t worn any sort of skinny pant since the seventh grade.

Today my family went out and watched my town’s Christmas parade. We were an hour late, though, so we didn’t really see much because everybody was crowding at the front to get all the freebies sponsors were giving away. The parade was alright; I saw some really adorable dancers for different dance companies, and I actually saw a Mountie. In the area where I live, we have separate city police departments, so I don’t see Mounties often.

So Black Sunday, right? Still some deals going on; my family went shopping. Dear Lord, we went shopping! You want to know the highlight of this shopping experience? You do, I know it. I went to Holts and bought a new wallet! It’s a beautiful rusty-brown colour by Marc by Marc Jacobs that actually folds. And it was on sale, so I saved $50 on the sucker. I was going to buy the black zip-around with the tarnished gold plaque that is like a wallet version of the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag everyone has, but that wouldn’t have been as practical. Plus mine comes in a beautiful colour. The black one was gorgeous, too, but I don’t know. This one spoke to me.

So that is the basic rundown of the happenings in my life. Yup, I don’t really go out much, and when I do, I shop. So tell me what you guys have been doing with your time. Any of you go Black Friday shopping? Are your lives more exciting than mine? Tell me in the comments down below.

High Tide, I and Thee

Waves crashing upon the sea
The tide rising over me
Once engulfed in waters hard and rough
I felt it all and it was enough

No more will I, this feeling cross
After this last turn and toss
We’ll part our ways, I whole and one
For what deep cuts left will be gone
No longer will the waves find me
Scared and taken to the sea

The Fall of Five Book Review

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. Do not be disappointed with experiences related to this book you may or may not experience after reading this book review.

The Fall of Five by “Pittacus Lore” was definitely thrilling for the reader. It opens up with Sam Goode’s reunion with his long-absent father, Malcolm Goode, who appears to be buddy-buddy with a Mogadorian named Adam (the Adamus we were introduced to earlier in the series). This book of the Lorien Legacies is quite the eye-opener for most of us who put our faith and placed our bets on the happenings of this saga early in the series.

First and foremost, I want to address the most awesome aspect of the novel; its conveying that the Loric underdogs are not all perfect. Not even perfect, but good. The Garde gang find Five. Hooray! Except for one thing: he is a diabolical, brainwashed, and frankly creepy character! I mean it is genius the way he is first written as an annoyingly weak and inept butthole, and I really really disliked him from the start (I’m not using the word “hate” because how I felt then is nothing to what I felt at the ending). In one scene, Marina is helping Five clean the living room after Five fought with Nine. Five asks Marina in what was conveyed as an innocent tone what he did wrong, and that almost had me not dislike the loser. However, I wasn’t completely fooled by Five. I had my suspicions throughout his stay in Chicago, and I was literally screaming that he was a traitor when Malcolm’s detailed notes of the Garde’s belongings were found translated into Mogadorian, then retranslated into English. Mr Lore, I am mentally applauding you for your lifelike characters.

The character, Adam, though not prominent, is very interesting. His mentality is the byproduct of Mogadorian experimentation on his and Number One’s minds. But what does that mean? He escaped, and is a Mogadorian traitor, obviously. Does that mean the Mogs will now never experiment on their kind’s very closed-off brains? But they are a curious species. Will they just continue with the experiments until they work as planned, discarding the Mogs with humane mentalities? How about those “useless” Mogs? Can they escape as Adamus did? Or is Adam…special? Adam’s contrasting views versus his species’, like Five’s, was well done. I can’t wait to read more about him.

The roles of the three humans, Sarah Hart, and Sam and Malcolm Goode, had me scratching my head at times and yelping with glee at others. The reunion of John (Four) and Sarah, and Sam and his father were all quite touching. John and Sarah were a tad too willing to share their affection, even when Six was still kind of awkward around the two. I was alright with it, though. Hey, Sarah was locked in prison for a long time, remember? What is so compelling about the trio of humans is that they could easily have been “dead weight” or “damsel[s] in distress”, but they work with their human abilities to help the Loric as much as they can. At first I thought Sarah to be selfish, going with John on the mission to find Five because she was worried, overlooking the fact that her being there with him would make him nervous for her safety. However, when she proves herself useful, I swelled with pride knowing someone of my race was useful in this endeavour against technologically-advanced aliens. The Goode’s are less brawny here, more brainy in their efforts to help the Loric. In all fairness though, Malcolm Goode is not a bad shot, and a better soldier.

The breakout character in this instalment is Marina (Seven). In her previous appearances, I found her kind of annoying because she was not much except a healer. A nurse on the run. Her obvious infatuation with Eight at first left me embarrassed to read the books, but in The Fall of Five, it is sweet. What is also great about her is her role as the glue, or the nuts and bolts of the group. Where John is the leader, Marina is a silent constant, less appreciated, for lack of a better word, but still so, so important. She really proved her worth being a mediator, an older sister, a friendly face, and a sweetheart all at once. My one problem with her in this book, a huge problem, but one that cannot be simplified any more in my eyes, is her mercy to Traitor Five (let’s call him that from now on;he’s not Five, he’s Traitor Five). The author evoked true emotion in her last scene, her strength coursing through from the emotional gashes Eight left behind, allowing her power to kill Traitor Five but control to stick to her moral compass. I just really really really wish she killed Traitor Five.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was not as full of surprises as I had hoped it to be, but I don’t know if that has something to do with how the book was written or if I just have killer instincts. With the exception of Five, and Malcolm because I have nothing to compare him to, the characters grew well and made me yearn for more. John and Nine remain my favourites with Marina making her way up the ranks. The romantic love that exists around the characters, John and Sarah, Sam and Six, Ella and her crush on Nine, and what Marina and Eight had, added the touch of sweetness a thriller like this needed. It refreshed us as a mint refreshes the palate. The complex but not really all that complex status of Loric, Mogadorian, and presumably human traitors became still so fascinating. For the Garde’s sake, though, I am very displeased with Traitor Five’s conduct. I am glad to see the Loric were not all written as heroes as that would have made the series boring of it went down that route. Adam and Five reminded me of great characters before them who did the opposite of what people who should mean their world pressure them to do. Kind of like Wormtail, or a strange character from Doctor Who. I know that Ella, with her strange past and even stranger and scarier future, will be of utmost importance at one point, but I am more concerned with the more immediate dangers. The book ended at such a cliffhanger. I am desperate for the next book to see what becomes of these characters who have become my friends.

Photo from epicreads.com

We Shall Remember Them

Today my school held three assemblies to celebrate Remembrance Day. I took part in the ceremonies, working on a photo essay to raise awareness of our hard-won First World rights, and collecting donations for the poppy fund.

The slideshow of Canada’s fallen mixed with the beautiful musical arrangement students performed left me with tears in my eyes. It struck me how fortunate I am that thousands of people before me risked, and many gave, their lives to ensure their descendants’, and everyone else’s, have the rights we have now. We are not yet living in a world where everyone can freely express their basic human rights. I feel very fortunate to be living in such a well-off country.

On November 11, I encourage you all to celebrate Remembrance Day in any way at all. What you do can be as simple as wearing a poppy over your heart. You can also attend a Remembrance Day ceremony, or if you live near Ottawa, visit the Grave of the Unknown Soldier.

They shall not grow old as we grow old:
Age shall not weary them, not the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
User : Lauren Cathy Turner

Per Angusta Ad Augusta: My Search for a Mentor

In my very first year of high school, my English teacher told me something about life. He said that one day, whether in high school, or university, or somewhere completely different, you are going to find someone who will be a mentor to you. He doesn’t have to be a teacher, but he will be your friend.

Ever since then I have been searching for a mentor. Not one that I was assigned to pressure me to do my science fair project well, but someone more like a confidant. I have been searching for someone who can teach me all his tricks and push me to realize my potential and encourage me to still go above and beyond. In my young age I have tried to match teachers, old, new, and yet-to-be, to those specifications, but try as I might, I found no one who was right.

In only a few short days, I will be assigned a writing mentor for my Creative Writing class. I am excited; very excited, actually. I’m trying not to get my hopes of finding the perfect mentor too high up, but I can’t help it. I might find myself the person who will change how I perceive and do everything for the rest of my life.

The chances that I will find that one person are slim. After all, I am only in high school. Most people do not find a mentor while in high school. But I really do long for the days when I have someone who can answer my questions (both the dumb ones and the real questions), or assist me while solving something I can’t quite figure out on my own. Or to talk to. Having someone to just talk with when I don’t feel comfortable addressing my friends on random reflections of mine is a welcoming thought.

A mentor/student relationship is something I yearn for. As impatient as I am to finally have this sort of relationship, I will wait. The right one will come.

I now leave you with some questions. Are you lucky enough to have a mentor? Or are you the mentor? How great do you think this experience is treating you? If you have never had this relationship, is there anything specific you are looking for in a mentor? All these questions that I ask, and my curiousity still is not satisfied. So I say unto you, comment as you wish.